Weather in Hawaii

Monthly Weather Averages In Hawaii

Hawaii is located north of the equator so the two seasons, summer and winter, are opposite to that of Australia. Due to the consistency of Hawaii’s climate, the seasonal temperatures don’t vary greatly, with averages around 29°C and 26°C in winter. The volcanoes shield the western sides of most islands, keeping them relatively drier than the eastern sides of the islands during the rainier winter months. Year round in Hawaii most of the rainfall occurs at night, when it does happen during the day you get the most spectacular rainbows!

The Hawaiian islands are an incredible collection Holiday weather in Kauai Hawaii with My Hawaiiof diverse micro-environments, each with its own unique weather, plants, and animals. As a result of the shielding effect of volcanic mountains and the differences in weather found at various elevations, you can find tropical rain forests, cool alpine regions, arid deserts, and sunny beaches – all within the span of just a few miles.

Maui Weather

On holiday in Maui you can expect warm days year round, with slightly cooler evenings in the winter. Remember to pack a jacket or some warmer clothes if you are thinking of heading up to the summit of the Haleakala Volcano, at 10,023 feet above sea level it can feel slightly colder than the coast, especially if it is windy. The South Maui resorts are said to be the sunniest and driest on the island, although there is not much statistical difference between it’s Western neighbouring resorts.

Kauai Weather

Head North for lush tropical forests and waterfalls on Kauai, or south for sun-soaked beaches! Mount Wai`ale`ale is said to be one of the wettest places on the planet! But its southern beaches are a sunny paradise all year round!

Oahu Weather

Similar to the other islands the beaches of Oahu are sunny and warm year-round. The main tourist town, and only urban hub in Hawaii, Waikiki is set on a beautiful sandy beach with warm water. So you can shop in the morning, and swim in the afternoon, perfect!

The Big Island Weather

Whether you are after a beach experience in Kona, or want to explore Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a holiday on the Big Island can be as diverse in weather conditions as you like! Featuring 8 of the worlds 13 micro-climates you can experience several of them in one day!

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