Golf Heaven in Hawaii!

Tee up a day in paradise

The immaculate conditions, warm sunshine, pristine greens and luxurious atmosphere make golfing in Hawaii heaven on earth for all golf enthusiasts! Each island boasts some of the best courses in the world and the international quality of some of these courses can be found in famous golfing tournaments held in Hawaii such as the annual PGA event.

Discover an extremely pleasing variety of unique course layouts on Hawaii’s six, geographically distinct islands. Whether teeing off at one of the 29 golf courses Oahu has to offer its visitors, or taking in the lush green fairways set amongst black volcanic rock on The Big Island, you will not be disappointed. With more than 70 amazing golf courses to choose from it won’t be difficult to find the perfect course for you in Hawaii!

Make it a day trip

There are so many idyllic courses across the islands of Hawaii to see and play on, each with their own celebrity influence. Unless you have made allowances in your time and budget, it can be difficult to spend an extended amount of time in each of these beautiful destinations.

Hawaii provides the perfect solution to this problem – take a day trip! Day trips on local airlines offer guests the opportunity to book a short flight in the morning to make their tee time and fly back that night once they have finished their round and a nice cold beverage after.

Take the whole family

There are golfing opportunities for everyone in Hawaii! Catering to all types, there are many resorts that offer courses which are extremely user friendly and perfect for amateurs that want to practice their swing, plus very private and elite courses for those pros who are looking for a greater challenge.

For beginners or those who are looking to have a nice easy game of golf, there are courses starting from 18 holes in Oahu. Have a swing and stare out over gorgeous panoramic views. This is the perfect place to bring your family and encourage them to get into the golfing spirit!

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