Health & Wellbeing in Hawaii

Refresh and rejuvenate in Hawaii

Studies have proven that Hawaii is the least stressed state in America, so it makes sense when we think of a tropical holiday to unwind and revitalise that we think of Hawaii! A relaxing Hawaiian holiday is more than just a pampering spa day (although that does play a part!), it’s about broadening your mind through the island’s fascinating history and culture, exploring the jaw-dropping scenery that surrounds you and taking time out to rest and rejuvenate.

Escape the fast-paced side of Hawaii

Avoid the hustle and bustle of Honolulu and the busy city of Waikiki on the main island and escape to secluded tropical paradise. If you’re looking for a quiet destination where tropical foliage envelops you with a sense of calmness and the stunning ocean views with the sound of crashing waves lulls you into serious relaxation, stay on the islands of Maui or Kauai. A stay at our partner resort, The Westin Nanea Ocean Villas, will guarantee total relaxation with their unique representation of Hawaiian culture. Included in their name and the heart of this resort, is Nanea – a Hawaiian word that means to be in a state of relaxation and tranquillity and to be at ease and having a good time – and you’ll feel this from the moment you arrive. Open your mind to the Hawaiian lifestyle and visit the Pu’uhonua Cultural Centre for culturally inspired activities and an educational experience, learning about Maui’s history, the Hawaiian language and making leis. Get pampered at Spa Helani with authentic Hawaiian inspired treatments by skilled professionals. Experience the traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage technique that was inspired by Polynesian dance and Pacific waves. Let the therapists of Spa Helani take you on the sensational journey of a Kai Ritual where you can experience the healing power of the sea with a gentle skin polish with marine salt crystals, self-heating algae wrap for tension release, restorative massage and more.


The best way to refresh over your holiday is to detoxify your body. You’ll find an emphasis on fresh, local food from plantations and farms from across the islands. Eating clean is relatively easy in Hawaii with various restaurants and cafes, plenty with organic options, scattered across the islands.

Nothing clears ones mind quite like getting back to nature. Explore Hawaii’s islands mountain ranges, volcanoes and beaches that among the most beautiful in the world. You can head out on your own or join a guided tour group knowing that no matter where you go there’s guaranteed to be breath-taking views!

Did you know that swimming in the ocean has better benefits for mental health than exercising anywhere else? It’s actually proved to be relaxing, meditative and stress reducing! Not only that, the warm seawater is great for your skin, helping hydrate and improve the appearance, and helps strengthen your immune system! As if we needed another excuse to dive deep into Hawaii’s crystal-clear waters!

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