Water sports in Hawaii

Hawaii Waters – An Aquatic Playground

Whether you’re looking for adrenaline pumping excitement or something a bit more relaxed, your ideal adventure is awaiting you in the deep blue sea surrounding the islands of Hawaii.

The endless warm weather and comfortable water temperatures around Hawaii’s islands means there are countless water sport opportunities all year round. Waters temperatures are consistent all year and average between 21°C and 26°C making it perfect for your aquatic adventure.

You can see just how pristine and stunning the ocean waters around Hawaii are just from looking out the airplane window as you prepare for landing. From surfing and kayaking to fishing and parasailing, each of Hawaii’s islands is ideal for all kinds of water sports.

Kayaking in Hawaii

Kayaking is a popular sport on all of Hawaii’s islands, especially around Hawaii Island in the protected water of the pali kai of Hilo Bay. Some of the most magnificent parts of Hawaii are only accessible by kayak or canoe. Take part in a guided tour around the islands and be educated from a local Hawaiian as you glide through the crystal-clear waters alongside mountainous cliffs and lush foliage. Otherwise you can head out on the water on your own with one of the recreational kayaks available from your resort.

Kayaking is a completely new experience on each of Hawaii’s islands. Kauai features rivers that are only accessible by kayak. The rivers of Kauai are surrounded by thick, luscious rainforest providing plenty of opportunity to explore. Oahu is the only place you can join a guided Kayak tour that paddles to another island. Explore the waters around the Mokulua Islands – a series of islands that sit just beyond the coastline of Oahu’s windward coast – and discover the coral reef, just 6 feet below the surface, that separates the islands from Oahu. Glide through the protected waters of Maui and keep a look out for the dolphins jumping through water and the visiting Humpback Whales during winter. The Big Island kayaking is best experienced between Keauhou Harbour and Kealakekua Bay where you can find sea caves and more.

Extreme Water Sports in Hawaii

This one is for the adrenaline junkies. Set off on the waters of Hawaii for a heart-pounding extreme water sport experience. Thrash through the Pacific Ocean on a jet ski. No licence required, ride by yourself or with someone else and receive an in-depth instruction on the safety and operation of a jet ski! Fulfil your need for speed and hold on to a bumper tube as you jump through the vessels wake with your nose just inches from the water! Soar through the skies as high as 30 feet above the water with a jet pack as the ocean breeze rustles your hair and your feet dangle below you. Take the ride of your life and witness the magnificent views from hundreds of feet above the water when you sign up for parasailing on any of the islands.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) in Hawaii

One of the most popular and most enjoyable activities taken up by tourists is Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP). It is actually becoming a global craze! A majority of the resorts in Hawaii have SUPs available for guests to utilise, otherwise there are multiple water sports companies throughout all of the islands that hire out SUPs. While there is no doubt it will test your balance, stand up paddle boarding is considerably easier to master then surfing and even less effort than kayaking! If you’re a beginner in the SUP world you should sign up for a guided SUP tour (most islands offer this) so you can get the hang of using the SUP and discover the island at the same time.

Windsurfing in Hawaii

Maui is the one-stop-shop for windsurfers in Hawaii. Ocean dare devils flock to Maui from all over the world for the annual windsurfing competition. Maui has the perfect water and wind conditions for windsurfing whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional.

If you’re a pro-windsurfer then head to Hookipa Beach Park, also known as the ‘Aspen of windsurfing’, or Kanaha Beach Park to take advantage of the optimal wave and wind conditions. Beginners should steer clear of Hookipa Beach and try the lessons available in Kihei or Lahaina where the waters are calmer and safer. Let the whole family learn to windsurf at Maui’s North Shore where the beach is separated into areas dedicated to different level windsurfers.

Fishing in Hawaii

Not just a fun activity in Hawaii, fishing is an important part of the local culture as well as the crucial source of sustenance since day one. Before you enjoy the excitement of a catch remember that fishing is not just a pastime for the Native Hawaiians so it’s important that you show respect to the Hawaiian waters, your fellow fishermen and the local regulations. You don’t need a licence for recreational saltwater fishing however if you want to try out the freshwater options on Oahu or Kauai you will need to apply for one. Don’t worry, it’s easy enough to get. Just visit one of the locations on the islands or simply do it online. There are other regulations you need to follow that are different for each island and area of water. Such as when to fish, number of catches allowed, sizes of nets, etc. so make sure you do your research before finding a fishing spot.

The best place to throw a line in is on the Island of Hawai’i or the main island of Oahu. If deep sea fishing is what you want then jump aboard one of the charter boats that depart from Kona on the Big Island and try your luck reeling in a marlin or mahimahi. Fishing in Hawaii can be just as exciting without a boat. Head down the coastline of any island and throw a line in. Rumour has it that some of the best fishing spots in Hawaii includes Smoking Rock and Keahou Harbor on Island of Hawai’i, Waimea Pier on Kauai island, Kamaole Park and Kahului Harbor Pier on Maui island, Makai Pier and Bamboo Ridge on the mainland Oahu.


These aren’t your only options for water sports in Hawaii! The birthplace of modern surfing, you’ll never find a better place to learn how to ride the waves like a pro. Click here to learn more on surfing in Hawaii or discover what lies beneath the surface with snorkelling or scuba diving.

There are so many water activities for you dive into in Hawaii, you’ll have to extend your holiday just to try them all! Contact My Hawaii Holiday Experts today to book your ideal Hawaii holiday today!

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