About Hawaii

Sea turtles, active volcanoes, unparalleled surfing, excellent coffee and spectacular views over white-crested waves. Sounds like somewhere in the movies, too perfect to visit, but in fact the Hawaiian Islands are only a quick flight from Australia! As the youngest and one of the most photogenic US state, Hawaii holidays offer visitors anything their imagination can conjure, so don’t wait to visit this island paradise. Mahalo!

Hawaii offers a unique blend of South Pacific Island tradition with the customer service and lifestyle quality you’d expect from the USA. Inexpensive food for the whole family, plenty of budget and high-end boutiques for your shopping needs, activities day and night and romantic offerings for even the hardest of hearts, Hawaii is a visit to America without the long flight time!

Preparing for Hawaii holidays is simple and all you need is a passport and, for most, an ESTA or Visa Waiver. All this is easily arranged online in about 5 minutes and costs under AUD$20. Arriving in Hawaii is even easier, with a My Hawaii representative waiting with a cool drink and traditional lei greeting included in all Hawaii holidays.

Hawaii is further away than Fiji or Bali and roughly the same flight distance as Thailand, so close enough for a short visit of just 5 or 6 nights if that’s all you have. Completely unique to the culture and history found in some of those other destinations mentioned, Hawaii is a destination that leaves people speechless and keen to go back. Once you’ve been, you will understand how addictive it is! If you love shopping and fashion, you can beat the prices of Hawaii’s outlet malls where you are getting a bargain for an authentic item as opposed to the markets of Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand. Sustainable farming practices ensure that food is fresh and prepared to order so there is no fear of the infamous “Bali belly” ruining Hawaii holidays. Car rental is an easy option to explore the islands and included as a bonus with many My Hawaii holidays.

So get ready to try traditional outrigger rowing at world famous Waikiki Beach, feast on fresh seafood paired with fruity cocktails and carb load to prepare for a full day shopping at the outlets because Hawaii is the ideal holiday destination for anyone.

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