Best Time to Visit Hawaii

The best time to visit Hawaii completely depends on what you’re seeking from your holiday. Are you looking for an escape with the kids during school holidays, or a quiet holiday on a secluded beach? Do you relish being in the thick of a hive of activity or do you prefer to be left alone with your own space? These questions and many more can help determine when the best time is for you to visit heavenly Hawaii.

First, it’s important to remember that the school holidays in the US vary to the dates in Australia, meaning there will be times that are considered peak season in Australia but are relatively slow times in Hawaii, so this is one possibility of an ideal time to visit Hawaii. US summer holidays run from mid-June until early September, a couple weeks around Christmas and New Years and a long weekend for Easter. This means that during Australian school holidays in September there will not be as many crowds on the islands from mainland USA. Since Hawaii is becoming such a popular destination for Australians and New Zealanders, however, less expensive airfare sells out very quickly so it’s important to get in early.

The best deals from My Hawaii generally coincide with the best time to visit Hawaii in terms of avoiding crowds. Since many people focus their holiday on a longer stay in Oahu and there is less rainfall on this island it’s possible to travel during the “rainy” season and not see a drop of rain or a huge queue for attractions like Pearl Harbor. October, November and early December, technically considered the beginning of the rainy season, are some of the best times to visit Hawaii. If your timing is right you can even visit Pearl Harbor on D-Day for a true sense of history while still appreciating beautiful weather and relatively empty beaches.

Another fantastic time to visit is the US spring, which falls in the months of March-June. Travelling within these months (but avoiding Easter) will allow visitors to see the foliage starting to bloom, the weather starting to warm as the rain eases and, again, relatively private beaches with the lower number of visitors in these months. If you plan to visit more islands than Oahu and want to avoid the rain as well as the crowds, it may be better to stick to the drier months of April, May and early June.

There are many more factors to take into consideration when answering the question of the best time to visit Hawaii, including surf seasons, cultural and historical activities or whale watching. Of course the other question to ask is if/which other islands will be visited during your stay. If one of your goals when visiting Hawaii is to hike up some volcanoes, it would probably be best to avoid the rainy months on the Big Island; if you want to see everything in its verdant green stage and are prepared to pack a poncho, travel in October or November to the islands of Maui or Kauai might be wet but will definitely be beautiful.

Overall the best time to visit Hawaii is up to you and where your priorities lie. Whether seeking a bargain price or the best weather, My Hawaii Holiday Experts are happy to talk to you and plan the perfect tropical escape to the welcoming Hawaiian Islands.